Saturday, May 26, 2007

A "Worship Story"

At my church we have "worship stories" instead of "children stories" - due to the lack of children. Today I did the worship story......

"I like a good many sports. But I very hastily admit that I am definitely not an athlete. For a couple years now I have wanted to roller blade. I roller-skated a few times growing up and enjoyed it but never did it enough to become very good. But I had fun and have wanted to make a habit it out of it. Over winter break I almost bought myself some roller b
lades to take back to school but my pride got in the way. Even at my age people have stopped trying new things and I realized that it was quite possible that I could embarrass myself while floundering around trying to learn how to skate near campus and it would be a particular disaster if this embarrassment happened in front of good looking young men….thus I didn’t get the roller blades. Just yesterday while snooping around my brother’s room I found his old roller blades. I put them on and rollared around the house. Then I decided to go down the street to my grandma’s and make use of her good-sized cement driveway. I decided if I really enjoyed it I just may actually buy some blades and learn to skate better over the summer. After 20 minutes my poor ankles were very fatigued. If anyone was watching they would have seen me making a fool out of myself….I ran into the cars several times, using them as brakes- also the bushes and generally stumbled around. But it was ok… because if anyone did see me it would have been my grandparents, the cats or my parents.

There is something very comforting about having good family. I have been blessed with a great family. Generally speaking I can be foolish in front of them. I can admit my weaknesses and not be ashamed. They know my faults but love me in spite of them. And they believe in me. Sadly we don’t all have loving families. Our church should be a good family. But even more God is our family, our Father. Jesus is our brother, friend and Lord. He embodies the perfect family that is lacking here on earth. I even admit that Dad isn’t perfect, though close. If I don’t continue to practicing roller blading I will never progress. If I am not honest with my family they wouldn’t know me and I could never be comfortable around them. Likewise if I am not real with God, I will never spiritually grow. We must treat God as our confidant and closest companion. There are some things our families on earth cannot really understand. But God knows every detail about us and He understands us better than ourselves. Since He already knows us, why not trust Him and leave our weaknesses with Him? He can not only understand but He can change our sorrows into joys, our weaknesses into strength and our fear into courage. There are amazing privileges with having our Heavenly Father in our lives, let us embrace Him."