Monday, October 12, 2009

A Grandma's Love; A Savior's Love

A few weekends ago was my grandfather's 90th birthday. Some time ago my grandma was telling me that she wanted to have a party for him. I thought it was a nice idea but I wanted to say, "Are you sure?" My grandpa has dementia and quite honestly, I was sure that he would not even know that it was his birthday. On Sabbath which was his actual birthday, we had potluck after church and when my grandma brought out a cake and started singing, my grandpa just looked ahead blankly then looked surprised when he heard his name. He didn't know it was his birthday. Sunday was his party. We had family members come and a few others. Everyone had a pleasant time but most of the time my grandpa sat quietly. I knew he didn't quite know what was going on. He may not have known who everyone was.

I watched my grandma during this time. She was beaming at my grandpa when she brought him his cake. I watched her touch his shoulder when posing for pictures. I read the card she gave my grandpa. It said "I love you so very much" and was underlined several times. My grandma wanted my grandpa to have a nice birthday so badly. I felt bad because it just could not be the way that my grandma wanted. My grandpa could not give my grandma what she wanted. In their relationship now, I am sure that my grandpa is not able to carry on conversations and give my grandma the support that he used to give her. It is not his fault. It is just the way it is.

I see Jesus in my grandma. I see Him in her unending love for my grandpa though he is not able to return what she gives him. I see Jesus in my grandma's desire for him to be happy. I see Him in her loyalty to my grandpa.

Just like my grandpa can now never give back to my grandma in the way she gives to him, we are not able and never will be able to give back to the Lord for what He has given to us. "While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us." Jesus knew we could not repay Him. He knew there was no way we could ever give back what He deserves to be given. Yet He still loves us, still wants to be with us, and still wants to give us His life. He died for us! What an amazing God!