Wednesday, September 5, 2007

In Memory of my friend

My beloved cat Scamper has been lain to rest today. He was 14 years old. He is the first pet to die that I really cared about. I figured I wouldn't see him again when I left to come back to school. We're not sure what was wrong with him but my grandmother hypothesizes that he may have had a tumor of some sort. A year or so ago Scamper had a toe removed because of a tumor on it. We think that perhaps he may have had cancer elsewhere.

Scamper came into my life when I was 6 years old. He and his brother Thumbs, who still has a bounce in his step, were presents to my brother and I from my grandparents. Because of my mother's cat allergy the kitties stayed at my grandparents just down the street and we saw them constantly. Scamper was always the high-strung one. He tended to be nervous, always jumping when the phone rang and he would get frightened when I would take him outside. Of the brothers Scamper seemed to be the spokesman and communicate his wishes and complaints to whoever would listen. He loved to eat grass and climb all over the place. Many a time in his younger days when he was "missing" we just had to look up and he would be on top of something. He was certainly a mischievous kitty.

This past summer Scamper was not himself. His hearing and eyesight seemed to be going. He never seemed to know where he was. I would have him on my lap and he would put out his paw as if to step off, like he couldn't tell he was above the ground.He would just wander around and got dreadfully skinny. He would eat allot but he was just wasting away.

Evidently this morning he wouldn't eat and seemed to be losing control of himself. So my grandma figured it was time and he was put to sleep and buried on their property. My poor sweet cat. Scamper makes me think of my childhood. Pets are very special to children. They are friends unlike any human can be. I will miss my Scampy. He has been part of home life for so long. I wonder if Thumbs will act any different now. They have always been together. I'm glad I wasn't home. It is a cruel world. Praise the Lord for Jesus. His coming will save the animal world too. They don't deserve to suffer.

(Scanned pic of young Scamper and Thumbs)

Monday, September 3, 2007


What makes you you is your memory. Without memory one has no identity.

I learned that today. :-)

When we were discussing Job in Sabbath School last weekend I thought about this: Job never got an explanation to why he was suffering. All he needed was to realize who God is, the all-powerful personal Creator. We don't need to know "why", we need to know Him. And have faith that in time we will understand. We may never know on this earth why certain things happen. But we can know the God who controls all and trust Him and grow through the experiences.

By the way, I am married. My husband is RDS1, otherwise known as Research Design and Statistics 1. It was an arranged and forced marriage performed by Dr. Ruth WilliamsMorris. It is quite tragic and I am not sure how much affection I will be able to give. It seems it will be a tough relationship. *sigh* :-)