Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Noble Steed

Recently I got a car. I was excited about getting a car but very soon in to the process of literally searching for a car I found that I did not enjoy it all. You see, I know next to nothing about cars. It was not that long ago that I thought the ignition was the transmission. I didn't know many makes or models of cars. I didn't know which ones got good gas mileage. I didn't know any real differences between Fords and Hondas. Simply put, I am very ignorant about anything to do with automobiles. Thus, whenever my mother and I pulled into a car lot to look at what was available, I hated how the salespeople would come out to talk to us. "Mom, they're coming! Mom I don't want to talk to them!" (I would immediately regress about 7 years of my age.) They would ask me what I was looking for and saying "a car" just did not sound very intelligent. I hated sitting in front of the insurance guy and the car dealer and feeling stupid because I did not know what was really going on. After test driving my car a friend asked me how the engine sounded. I responded with, "well, it ran and didn't sound abnormal to me." I just did not know what I was talking about.

It was a very humbling experience but now on the other side of it, I do see that I have learned a lot. I now know which cars make decent gas mileage. I am more enlightened as to what a transmission is. I could carry on a somewhat intelligent conversation about auto insurance. And I may even have an idea of what an engine is actually supposed to sound like. (maybe.)

We all need help don't we? In fact it is foolishness to not ask for help. On the first day of searching for a car I found one that I thought was a good deal. Coming home and asking my friends about this car I found out that I would be paying more than $1000 of what it was worth. That would have been foolishness. I felt vulnerable after that because I knew I could be taken advantage of in my ignorance. I tend to be a bit too trusting of people and in being gullible someone could easily take advantage of me. I don't like that feeling. But God worked it all out. After some more searching, I found a car with wonderful mileage (41K), in my price range, in good shape and from a kind dealer who was very helpful.

None of us like doing things that we don't feel skilled in. We like to stick to our area of expertise and not admit our weaknesses. But how do we grow that way? Should I have to go look for another car any time soon- which I certainly hope I don't- I would feel more confident and more sure of what I am looking for. I have grown from this experience.

Let's not get complacent. I was forced in to this experience and so while I am happy I learned from it, I had little choice. What about the things that we do have a choice of? How eager are we to step out and do things that we don't feel competent and comfortable doing? I know what the answer is, not eager at all. But why? Are we so prideful that we refuse to be humbled? Speaking of our Christian walks, how much are we missing out of the blessings and knowledge of God by only doing that which we are comfortable doing?

A while new world of automobiles is being opened to me by this experience. What whole new realm of the knowledge of God and His workings is just waiting for us to experience and learn of if we just did what we know we should and step out in faith with God?

I am preaching to the choir on this. I liked being forced in to things rather than choosing them. But Praise the Lord, God does not force us. I want to choose Him today and always and learn from Him. Don't you?

It's no coincidence that the Bible is filled with "Don't be afraid," and "Be strong and courageous" and such verses. Because we are afraid and we are weak. But the Bible is also filled with myriads of stories and promises of God's deliverance, protection and strength.

What a great God! He has brought me a car. And with it, a promise of His guidance, love and surety in my life.