Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Today I felt the roughness of tree bark under my hand.

I felt the breeze in my hair.

I felt the cool grass under my bare feet.

And the soft delicate petal of a dogwood bloom.

I reveled in the bright beauty of an azalea bush.

I noticed the long shadows left by the setting sun.

I smelled the freshness of a new green leaf.

I noticed two birds chasing each other on the horizon.

I felt the sunshine on my face.

And the Son in my heart.

Thank you, Lord, for your reminders of love.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Is it not funny how life can change instantaneously? You wait for months for something to happen and then >bam<, within 30 minutes there it is. Or you wait to meet someone and then >bam<, out of the blue there they are. Or you are unsure what you're doing and then >bam<, within 24 hours you get your answer. And is it not also funny how oftentimes, or usually, the answer is not what you hoped it would be, or imagined it would be, yet it is for the better because you know God orchestrated it?

Maybe funny is not the right word. The word could be aggravating, annoying, ironic, unnerving, or any other such negative word. But I prefer funny. Because when we look back, that is usually what we do: laugh.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Wall of Fame

My face is going to be on a wall. No, not a "most wanted" sign. My face will be on a plaque and displayed in a case in Hackman Hall. The words "outstanding scholastic achievement" will be near my picture. Along with a few other of my classmates, our faces will join the faces of other students gone before us who excelled while at Southern. It really is an honor to be part of that wall in Hackman hall. Until the Lord comes or some disaster strikes the school, a record of my time at Southern will be recorded on that wall. I excelled and attained "outstanding scholastic achievement" during my time at Southern.

But what in the world does that mean? One could say that the past 17 years of education are what led to a plaque and recognition for a scholastic achievement. From Kindergarten to a Senior in college, I have done very well. "Well done, Lorrie, you have done an outstanding job." Why thank you. I appreciate it. I really do. I am grateful for the journey I have been able to take through the halls of acadamia. But attaining "outstanding scholastic achievement" really gives me no bragging rights. It does not guarantee me a job. It does not guarantee me anything. Perhaps it is a sentence to put on my resume. Maybe it will give me a boost if I go to Grad School. But it may not as well. Scholastics is not experience.

As I reflect on my face on the wall, I guess I do approach the feat a bit cynically. I suppose it is a big deal? And I do care. I am very thankful. It is an honor. But I am not bursting with joy. Perhaps it is the realization of an end of a journey. Perhaps it is the uncertainty of future plans.

Perhaps it is because I was not trying to get on the wall. If I did not win the honor and get my face on the wall I would not have cried a tear. I have never had ambitions of glory, I have just always tried to do my best. I have studied and listened. I have taken notes and researched. I have gone to class every day and done what the syllabus said to do.

I guess I realize that if it were not for the first 5 years of my life before stating this long academic journey that the past 17 years of success in school would not have been possible. Psychologists say that in the first 6 years of life the majority of your personality and disposition is solidified. So who you were in Kindergarten is most likely very similar to the way you are today.

So I really owe that plaque to my parents and to God. I would not be on that wall if it were not to them. Now obviously I am not a cookie-cutter product of people but by submitting to God my parents have raised me the way they have. By submitting to God I have been able to do my best in school with the gifts He has given me.

So when I walk down that aisle in less than 3 weeks with my honor cords and flowing gown, I will be proud. I will be proud of the success that we have achieved. And I will pray that this knowledge within will produce a servant of Him in the future. After all, I owe Him everything.