Friday, August 24, 2007

Back Roads

It’s been one of those days where it is tempting to just lay on a sofa, read a book, sip lemonade and have a fan pointed at you for hours on end. Today was a very hot and humid day. However this evening we had a thunderstorm. I love storms in the summer. There is just something about the smell in the air when it has passed by, a freshness that can not be duplicated. It was just becoming dusk when I went down to my grandmother’s – just down the road. I spent about 45 minutes pampering the cats, eating blueberries and visiting with my grandparents. I took the cats one at a time out to the breezeway on my lap. We saw bats flying around the trees. It was such a beautiful evening. When I bade my grandparents adieu I decided to go for a drive. One thing I absolutely love about rural America is back roads. They are so much fun! Windy, sometimes bumpy roads surrounded by fields, woods, meadows, hills all around, passing farms and houses set on big lawns. I rolled down the windows, put on the high beams in the growing darkness and ventured off into the darkness. It was glorious! There are just a couple places that I will burst into song: mowing, in the shower, and the other is driving. What a beautiful beginning to the Sabbath. I belted out my favorite hymns and praise songs as the moon shone brightly toward the west and on the eastern horizon lightning flashed behind the clouds as the storm was still rumbling in the distance. It was just beautiful. Several times I stopped the car. All that could be heard were peepers and crickets singing their tunes. The roads were starting to become foggy, like a blanket that the car passed through. I saw a cat stalking in the bushes. To my delight I saw a skunk romping across a lawn. Farmers were ending their day in the barns. Cows were moving slowly across the fields. A frog jumped out of my way and many a squirrel looked around in alarm. It was such a perfect summer evening. I sang my praises to my Lord for this beautiful day and I could just sense His smile on me. “Thank you Jesus for this present, a beautiful opening to Your Sabbath.”

I encourage you to take the back roads today. Take some time to get away from distraction and notice what Jesus has for you to enjoy. I know many people who are stressed every single day. There can be so much to do, so many things that fill our minds. Too many people just fall to their beds at night never having taken a moment to reflect, to think, to be calm. “Peace I leave with you” Jesus tells us. There is peace to be had in every situation. We have to “be still and know that I am God” and then God’s peace will fill our hearts and rejuvenate our minds.

Friday, August 3, 2007

(for some reason I really like this picture)

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Local woman attributes longevity to "God's Blessings"

By: Wendy Post 07/29/2007

Hilda Wiser sat in her living room chair on the morning of July 20th and awaited a ride that would soon take her and her friends to lunch.

The special outing took place that particular day because Hilda, who was born in Port Alleghany and moved to Owego at a young age, was celebrating her 103rd Birthday! But according to her 73 year old son, Bruce, it's hard to believe that she is celebrating 103. "It just happens," said Bruce about aging, "sometimes I can't even believe I'm 73." But sharp as a tack, Hilda still gets out for drives with her son and enjoys spending time with her friends from the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Catatonk; a church that she attended. Hilda lives with her son in their modest home located on Sherwood Boulevard in Owego. According to Hilda, her son's father died of pneumonia when Bruce was only a year and a half old. "He died just before the Sulfur drugs came out," said Hilda. Bruce has remained by her side since that day and has witnessed her timeless aging. Friends from her church are also amazed that Hilda is living gracefully past 100 years old. Anne Whitaker, a church member that checks on Hilda regularly, is 87 years old and living her life actively and independently. "I marvel at Hilda," said Anne. "I'm amazed at what I can do at 87."

Some may wonder what to do at the age of 103. Hilda likes to sit comfortably in her home and listen to Sabbath music, and occasionally enjoys an outing with her son. For the birthday celebration on July 20th, Faith L. Fish, who is also a church member that visits Hilda, brought her son Christopher along with some freshly picked blueberries. Although Hilda also feels that her health is pretty good for 103 years old, she claims to be a bit "wobbly." But in spite of the mild signs of aging, Hilda stands strong that her life continues through "God's blessings".

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The article online didn't include the picture of her that was in the paper.....but she is a member of my church! Can you imagine being 103? I can't imagine being