Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ode to Muffin

O little fat cat of brown and white,
How I wish you brought me some delight!

If you would stop sitting in the corner to stare
And not hiss at my attempted pat with a glare!

Your name is Muffin, which should mean something sweet,
But having you, it seems to me, is far from a treat.

Muffin, you were a cute kitten indeed,
But something happened, did we not fulfill a need?

We fed, pet, and played with you till you would fall asleep,
But you soured as you grew up, and away from us you started to creep.

You don't seem to care as long as your food bowl is filled.
We're not your servants Muffin, you need to chill!

Muffin, I honestly wish we could be friends.
I wish this gap, we would reach across and mend.

You are a pretty cat and could be nice to hold and love.
Please stop being mean and be like your Creator above.


Kratik said...

What a topic to write on
Absolutely brilliant.
please also read my blog:

Cheers :)

bekah said...

she is hilarious. Lorrie Lorrie Lorrieeeeeeeeee needs to update her blog! But first her Bekah!

bekah said...

ps I love what Kratik up there said about how your poem about Muffin was brilliant. Hilarious! haha